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Good Shepherd Parish

All Are Called:  Our Annual Offertory Pledge

"Let us more and more insist on raising funds of love, of kindness, of understanding, of peace.
Money will come if we seek first the Kingdom of God - the rest will be given." -- Mother Teresa

The Lord has blessed the parishioners of Good Shepherd Parish. We are grateful to our regular supporters who make it possible for us to carry out our mission to “be a living sign of Christ’s love in and for the world.”

As a result of your support, we continue to perform our important ministries, staff at minimally sufficient levels, and maintain our facilities, while meeting tight financial limits.

As communicated in the Annual Report, our total offertory was down $7,000 from last year. We were hoping for a significant increase. The lower level is due in part to the loss of some generous donors, either due to death or moving. We want to call this to your attention so we can all respond to this need before it becomes a serious factor.

Since the introduction of our Annual Offertory Pledge Program four years ago, our parish has been able to meet our obligations with minimal net income variance.

While we are making good progress, there continues to be a number of deferred maintenance items that need to be addressed.  Fr. Dave’s letter, also included with the parish Annual Report, provides examples. We still have work to do to restore our previously depleted emergency cash reserve.  Copies of the Annual Report are available at both churches and on our website

The Year In Review -- Our Parish Remains Active and Dynamic

In carrying out the mission of our parish, we have been using our spiritual and material gifts to enhance the life of our parish and to serve those less fortunate in the following ways:  

Our Parish Family – In the last year, we have been blessed to welcome 61 new families to our parish who are contributing their talents and gifts to the life of our parish.

Vibrant Liturgies -- We have joyful and vibrant liturgies due to the many talents of our parishioners who participate as cantors, lectors, choir members, musicians, altar servers, and Eucharistic ministers.  

Superb Professional Staff – We welcomed Bishop Robert Reed as our Regional Bishop, and Fr. David O’Leary, Administrator. We have a superb and highly qualified professional staff who provide excellent leadership in pastoral care, religious education, music and youth ministry, and adult faith formation.  

Outstanding Religious Education Program – We serve and nourish the faith of the youth of our parish. 

Youth Ministry – We welcomed Laura Tringali to lead our Confirmation and Youth Ministry program. This work enables the young people of our parish to develop an active spiritual life as committed disciples. In addition to our regular Confirmation preparation, over 20 people regularly participate in our Leadership Institute. This involves small group faith development, retreat support and other ministries.  Local service projects and a mission trip with Catholic Heart Work Camp are additional activity examples.

Alpha – A vibrant Alpha program is underway. In an informal, small group setting, participants reflect, question and share important life questions through the lens of Christian faith.

Adult Education – Fr. Dave offers four programs for education and enrichment throughout the year.

Other Service Ministries --We are especially proud of the participation of so many parishioners in our service ministries. These ministries of service include:  St. Stephen Ministry, the Boston Sock Exchange, reaching out to the bereaved, providing holiday meals to shut-ins and hospice patients, regular food and clothing drives, NPH and sponsoring other projects throughout the year.

Answer the Call:  Pledge Regular Contributions

We seek to continue the mission of Jesus Christ by welcoming, supporting, and guiding all through prayer, sacramental celebration, service, and education.   -- Good Shepherd’s Mission Statement

The Annual Offertory Pledge Program allows us to more professionally manage our expenses, align program costs to projected income, and deal with unexpected expenses.

We ask you to prayerfully consider your financial support to our parish.  We understand that every member/family is different, so each must assess how much they can support the parish.  Please consider regular contributions in proportion to your ability to give and your gratitude for the work of the parish. 

Our expenses typically increase $20-40,000 per year without adding programs or major facility improvements. Meeting these needs is a shared responsibility of the entire Good Shepherd family.  We hope all parishioners will make or renew your annual pledge, at whatever level your means will allow.

This year we are asking every parish member/family to increase their pledge by $300 per year.

Many parishioners have taken advantage of electronic offering either through their bank or our online giving provider, WeShare.  Of course, contributions can also be made through the weekly envelope collection. You may contribute on any schedule that is right for you (e.g., weekly, monthly, or annually).  The electronic method of giving is recommended to enable our parish to receive a consistent level of contributions, which makes it significantly easier to plan and budget. 

We are called to be good stewards of our many blessings from the Lord.  We are counting on every parish member/family to please return a pledge card so that we may plan for our future and continue to serve Jesus and one another.

With gratitude to all who have furthered the mission of our parish,

The Good Shepherd Parish Development Committee:

John Boyle                          Paul Crowley                      Kevin and Lana Murphy
Jim Burns                            Jack Caulfield                     Cindy MacLean                                  


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