Religious Education Grades 6-8

6th, 7th & 8th grade class meetings are held on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings.  Classes start about 6:45pm and conclude at 8pm.  Classes are held in 2 6 week blocks for optimum community building and learning.  The year will begin with the kids coming to class first then a parent meeting will be held while the kids are in class at the 2nd evening.  Community & Service are a critical part of our program where the kids will come together to get to know each other and serve the community in some small way as they live out their baptismal promises.

This program is run with volunteer catechists and assistants.  Please be generous with your own time to volunteer as an assistant to these programs so that they may continue. 





For more information or to register for Religious Education classes or groups contact the following appropriate staff member or



Religious Education K-5
Director of Religious Education, Sue Muldoon  [email protected]

Religious Education Grades 6-10
Directorof Youth Ministry & Confirmation
y[email protected]




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Weekend Masses
Sat at 4 pm St. Ann
8:30am St. Zepherin
10:30am  St. Ann 
6:30pm  St. Zepherin (Sept. - June)
Please register for all Masses in advance.