Wednesday Lunch Group, Bible Study & Cornerstone Retreat

Wednesday Lunch Group

Members meet monthly for a brown bag lunch and a short program, usually with a guest speaker, designed to be informative about faith, spirituality and parish life.

Contact: Janet Testa at

Bible Study Group

The group  meets seasonally one weekday morning each week and  focuses on a selected topic for the season. Please consult the bulletin for time and location.

Contact Pheme Perkins at

Cornerstone Retreat

A women’s retreat and faith enrichment group whose primary purpose is community building. Open to all women in the parish.     Regular meetings focus on prayer and planning retreats.    Regular meetings focus on prayer and planning retreats             

Contact Kathy Sherry, or Gerry Racine 



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Weekend Masses
Sat at 4 pm St Ann
8:30am St Zepherin 
10:30am  St Ann 
*5:00pm St Zepherin 
*resumes September 10, 2017