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Catechist (classroom teacher) will lead classroom discussions and activities (Grades K-5: 2 x a month, Grades 6-8: 2 x a month, Confirmation: 1 x a month). Lesson plans, materials, and support are provided. Some time must be spent preparing lessons before each meeting. Confirmation catechists meet once a month to prepare and reflect together (time determined by group). 

Assistant Catechist provides assistance to a classroom teacher in managing classroom activities.

Substitute Teacher is available to prepare and present curriculum in the event that a catechist is unavailable.  Each program will have a list of substitutes who are available to serve at that time.

Liturgy of the Word with Children Leader.  Children’s Liturgy takes place during the 8:30 and 10:30 Sunday Masses.  The leader will prepare a simple activity and brief explanation of the readings for children in grades k-5.  Materials outlining activity ideas and summary children’s homily are provided.  Leaders are scheduled on a rotating basis approximately every four weeks based on availability.

Family Team Session Coordinator attends sessions of an individual team meeting to help with setup, material distribution and monitoring of children when they leave the classroom (1 x a month).

Babysitter for preschool children during family session of K-5 program (1 x a month). 

Service project planning team member will work with program director to design, advertise and coordinate family and/or student Christian service programs.

Family Religious Education Committee member serves to support the K-8 Religious Education by meeting throughout the year with the program director and coordinator to review programming and curriculum and support the development of family programs.

A hall monitor attends religious education classes twice monthly to assist in supervising students.

Member of  Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Team The CAP team creates a community of support within the parish for the prevention of child abuse and neglect by  training of parish staff and volunteers through the Protecting God’s Children program. All volunteers working with children must complete this program which trains them to identify the signs & symptoms that indicate a child is being abused in some way. 

Confirmation/ Youth Ministry Small Group Leader Are you called to walk with teenagers on their faith journey? Small group leaders help Emilia by attending events, facilitating discussion, working behind the scenes and most importantly, being positive adult role models for young people to look to.



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Weekend Masses
Sat at 4 pm St. Ann
8:30am St. Zepherin
10:30am  St. Ann 
NO 6pm Mass until September