Pastor's Greeting

Welcome to Good Shepherd Parish,

You really are welcome!  If you are a visitor, I hope you will find our website to be a reflection of this wonderful parish and that through this site you will be drawn more deeply into life in Christ, through our parish community. If you are a parishioner, I hope that you will find the information that you need, in order to become more fully engaged in the life of our family of Faith.  Our community is blessed to have two beautiful worship sites, St Ann Church and St. Zepherin Church, both in Wayland, MA.

Good Shepherd is a Roman Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Boston. As a Catholic community of Faith, we know that the Mass is central to our lives. Through the Eucharist, we celebrate Christ’s saving love for us and for all.  We know that in the Mass, Christ is truly present through the words of Sacred Scripture, through the presence of the bishop or priest, through one another as the Body of Christ, and in a special way in the bread and wine which become the Body and Blood of Christ our Lord. Our parish recognizes that such amazing love calls for great response, and so we have committed ourselves to be good stewards of all God’s many blessings.

We offer ourselves in service within this parish and in our town and world.  Good Shepherd Parish is a community of disciples and stewards who are on a lifelong journey of Faith together. We are a parish in which you can truly belong! Whether you are just beginning to explore Catholicism or have been Catholic all of your life; whether you have stayed on the fringes of parish life in the past or are already involved in ministry; Good Shepherd is a parish that values you. As a community, we care for one another, knowing that through our ministry we perceive Christ’s presence among us.

If you would like to find out more about our parish community, please look closely around this website or call the Good Shepherd Parish office at 508.650.3545

We are here to help you grow in your faith journey. 

I am privileged to be a member and to serve as pastor of this great community.



                                                                                             Reverend David O'Leary, S.T.L., D.Phil.               



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Weekend Masses
Sat at 4 pm St. Ann
8:30am St. Zepherin
10:30am  St. Ann 
NO 6pm Mass until September