Music Ministry

We are blessed with a singing Assembly at Good Shepherd Parish.   Each Mass begins with a music rehearsal of a song or psalm being done that day or at a Mass in the future.  The sung parts of the Mass include a Gathering Song;  the Gloria, when seasonally appropriate; a reportorial psalm; Gospel Acclamation; song at the Preparation of the Gifts although an instrumental or choir piece can occur here;  the Mass parts which include the Holy, Holy, the Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, and the Lamb of God; a Communion Song; and a Sending Forth song.  Optional times where songs may occur include the Penitential Rite, Sprinkling Rite, Preface to the Eucharistic Prayer, and the Our Father. 


Music changes with the Liturgical Seasons of the year.  For example, the Kyrie may be sung during Lent as well as the chanting of the Our Father.

The Music Director is a full time staff person who is a member of the worship committee and is involved in subcommittee meetings for liturgical seasonal planning.  The music director works closely with the pastor, pastoral associate, Religious Education Director and Youth Minister to coordinate music within the weekly Masses, Holy Days, and Sacramental celebrations.

All musicians are trained by the music director to understand their role as one of support for community singing.  The primary Music Minister at each Mass is the Assembly.  Choirs, accompanists, and other instruments are there to support the singing of the people in the pews.  Occasionally solo pieces may be played or sung after Communion, at the Preparation of the Gifts, and/or as a prelude.  Postludes are typically an instrumental rendition of the sending forth song so that the message of the song continues as the people exit the church building.

Worship Resources:  GIA’s Gather Comprehensive is used at the St. Zepherin location in addition to Oregon Catholic Press’s (OCP’s) Breaking Bread and Spirit and Song; at the St Ann location: OCP’s Glory and Praise and Breaking Bread.  

Instruments:  The St. Ann location has a Yamaha Baby Grand and a  rebuilt (1972) Pipe Organ by Andover Organ Company;  the St. Zepherin location: a Boston Baby grand piano purchased in 2000 and a Rodgers Digital organ model 805C purchased in 1998.  Each church building also has a Roland digital piano available.

Accompaniment at Mass is predominantly piano with occasional organ.  Guitars play on a regular basis at the  Sunday Masses.  Other instrumentalists also play on a regular basis: violin, flute, and occasional other instruments.

Cantors:  Cantors lead the sung prayer at each Mass.  Cantors arrive 30-45 minutes before Mass begins to prepare for the liturgy with the accompanist and to review the music.  The Cantor is the psalmist.

Adult Choir:  The adult choir is open to anyone in high school or older.  They sing at least once per month and for major church Feasts and celebrations such as Christmas, Palm Sunday, Triduum, and Easter.  Repertoire consists of music from both traditional and contemporary Catholic Music in 2, 3, or 4 part harmony.   Practices are weekly.

Children’s Choir:  Children in grades 2 through 8 are invited to sing.  The group usually sings in unison and has a goal of increasing membership and the use of 2 part harmony.  Practices are scheduled on rotating afternoons and early evenings to accommodate a variety of schedules.  A music ministry volunteer assists the Music Director  acting as librarian and occasional accompanist.

Catechesis for all members of music ministry is ongoing during rehearsal times and meetings with the Director of Music Ministry.


Here is the music for the recorded Mass for August 2, 2020

For more information about the Music Ministry or if you are interested in joining, contact

Jennifer Honen Emery, Director of Music

[email protected]

Music Ministry calendar:


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