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Hello Good Shepherd!

My name is Emilia Cowell and I am so excited to be your new Youth Minister! Here are 10 not so secret facts about me.

1.) I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and I am fiercely proud of my home state. Sometimes my parents send me boxes of avocados to survive the winter. 

2.) I attended Boston University and it was there that my faith really came alive! It's also when I fell in love with Boston and decided to never leave.

 3.) I have a wonderful husband Jared who is a talented musician. This is good, because I cannot sing. I only sing to praise Jesus or appease my daughter. Both Jesus and my daughter are very forgiving audiences.

 4.) My daughter Noelle is a 1.5 year old red headed spitfire. She is also the holiest person in our family. You may hear her saying Hi to Jesus at Mass. You may also hear her in other ways at Mass and for that I apologize.

 5.) We just moved to Natick! Tell me all the spots I should know about.

 6.) I am an artist. The search for beauty and meaning is central to both my spirituality and my art.

 7.) I am the cohost of a new web show called Coffee and Donuts. Check it out on the Evangelize Boston Youtube channel! My love of donuts is not an act I promise you. We had donuts at our wedding instead of a cake.

 8.) My favorite way to meet people is to grab a coffee and talk one on one. Let me know when you're free!

 9.) I've been lucky enough to attend Mass in English, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, French, American Sign Language, Tagalog and Latin!

10.) I've worked in youth ministry for 5 years. Walking with teens as they get to know God is a privilege and a blessing. I love learning from them and there is nothing I'd rather do.

Youth Ministry and Confirmation Updates:

As you grapple with school decisions and cancellations in so many areas of life, you may be wondering, what about Confirmation? How are we going to proceed in light of the pandemic? We will have a Parent/ Student Confirmation meeting 5-6 pm Sunday, September 13th at St. Ann's. There will also be a zoom meeting offered that Monday the 14th at 7pm. This meeting is open to both 9th grade families as well as 10th grade families who would like to hear about how this year may look different.


Please direct all questions and RSVPs for Youth Events to Emilia Cowell at [email protected]

  • Confirmation class is moving outside! Please plan on bringing lawn chairs and blankets throughout the Fall at St. Zepherins.

  • Please contact Emilia with any questions about Confirmation, Building Blocks, Leadership Institute, etc. at [email protected]

  • A new list of Building Block opportunities will be released at the family meetings in September. There will be a combination of outdoor and online options.

  • Anyone interested in a fully remote option for confirmation should contact Emilia.

  • Retreats are not permitted by the Archdiocese at this time, but we will keep you updated as the health recommendations change. We will return to retreats as soon as possible.

  • Middle school religious education / youth ministry events will all be held outside or remote for the foreseeable future.


  • Please note: the phone number 508-319-1790 is the Youth Ministry number. Emilia is receiving calls and text on this number.

Thank you for supporting Youth Ministry and Confirmation!




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Ideas? Want to get more involved?

If you have any questions, ideas or want to get more involved with youth ministry at GSP, contact: Emilia Cowell, Director of Youth Ministry 
[email protected]

Permission Slip:

A general permission slip for youth ministry events (off-site) is available below:

Click Here for a Permission Slip for Any Youth Ministry Event

Service Opportunities, Fun Events, Announcements:Find us on FACEBOOK! Don't miss out: make sure to join the "Good Shepherd Youth Ministry" Facebook group to stay up to date with all the happenings of the Youth Group at Good Shepherd Parish. The more the merrier!


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