Our preparation program for the Sacrament of Confirmation is a two year cycle. Each level meets every few weeks for two hours, following the Sunday 5 pm Mass (6:15-8:15 pm) from September to May. Confirmation 1 (generally 9th grade) meets separately from Confirmation 2 (generally 10th grade). 

The gatherings are centered around small group discussions where candidates (those preparing for Confirmation) discuss dynamic videos and speakers and share their joys and concerns, along with their doubts. The overall goal is to help candidates prepare to be recognized as full adult participants in the life of the Church.

Beyond our regular meetings, all candidates are expected to attend a Confirmation retreat. Retreats take place in the second year of the program and are an entire weekend in length. These retreats are incredibly powerful experiences, and for many teens, it is their favorite part of the program. In recent years, we have also included a one-day “mini-retreat” during the first year of preparation. Finally, part of preparation also includes building a relationship with a Confirmation Sponsor and occasional homework.

Confirmation Fee:

Because Confirmation preparation includes a number of additional components that are not included in other years of Religious Education (retreats, Confirmation Mass, etc.), an additional fee is required. In previous years, this fee was collected before individual events, but to make things easier, we are now collecting these fees at one time at the beginning of each year. On top of the regular fee for Religious Education, Confirmation registration includes a $125 fee per child. 

Confirmation I 2017-2018 calendar

Confirmation II 2017-2018 calendar

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Being a leader for the Confirmation Retreats is an incredibly rewarding and fun opportunity for outstanding student leaders who have already been confirmed.




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