Funeral Planning and Memorials

End of Life Issues/ Making Funeral Arrangements/ Liturgy Planning for a Funeral. Please click the link below to see the mini presentation by Fr. Dave O'Leary, and Cindy Bryant

Vigil Candles

A vigil candle is kept by the tabernacle at all times.  The candle burns for one week.  If you would like to dedicate a candle in memory or honor of a family member or loved one, please contact theRelated image office.  The suggested offering is $10.00.  The name of the person will be placed in the bulletin and the candle will burn for one week, Friday through to the following Friday.  Please call or email Kat at 508-650-3545
[email protected]




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Weekend Masses
Sat at 4 pm St. Ann
8:30am St. Zepherin
10:30am  St. Ann 
NO 6pm Mass until September